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About Us

What we offer

As experienced vacation rental owners, we understand.


Managing a successful vacation rentals requires meeting a different set of demands than traditional property management.  At Common Ground we understand these demands because we are vacation rental owners ourselves.  The guest messaging, rate optimization, check in, check out, and cleaning - everything has to be on point to maximize your property's earnings.  We handle everything in house to provide only the best experience for guests.  We believe this is the best way to go above and beyond for guests and maximize your bottom line.

Relaxing property management

Worry Free Management

Our goal is to provide you peace of mind when it comes to your property.  We handle all aspects of your property and guest experience.  With the exception of monthly statements you shouldn't hear from us at all - but we are always available 24/7 if needed

Guest experience

Total control of guest experience


We own the entire guest experience which starts before the guest even arrives - it starts with the preparation and cleaning of the property.  Our cleaning service is managed exclusively by our sister company, Turned.  This tight integration allows for best in class quality control when it comes to cleaning and preparing property for guests arrival.  It also ensures that we have "boots on the ground" in between each stay so we can immediately catch and proactively manage any issues that may arise.  

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