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Our Story

Synergies between Super Host and Cleaning Expert

Our journey started back in 2019 when one of our founders, Alex, bought his first Short Term Rental in Chicago.  Jumping in with both feet he didn't know what he didn't know - but learned quickly what differentiated mediocre listings from the top listings.  It wasn't the quality of the sheets or how the towels were folded - it was communication with guests and managing expectations.  Alex found success in his first Airbnb and expanded to many other Short Term Rentals as a result.  But there was one constant pain point, cleaning.  Generally Alex had a good experience with his cleaners but they fell short when it came to communicating issues, quality standards, and coverage.

This is when Davis entered the picture.  Davis recognized that Alex was not alone as the owner/manager of Short Term Rentals that cleaning was a pain point.  The majority of cleaning services simply did not aim to specifically cater to the needs of Short Term Rentals - at best they adapted their residential cleaning businesses to accommodate short term rentals.  Davis set out to offer cleaning services specifically dedicated to the needs of Short Term Rental owners/managers by starting Turned.  Since his start in 2020 Davis has found success with Turned by providing hosts with open channels of communication, a leading understanding of guests (and host!) expectations of cleanliness, and cleaning guarantees to ensure every unit is ready for the next guest on time.

Fast forward to 2023 and Alex and Davis decided to join forces.  Combining Alex's property and guest management expertise with Davis's market leading approach to cleaning and you have Common Ground Vacation Rentals and Management.  A property management company created by Short Term Rental/Management experts for Short Term Rental Property Owners.

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